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Specializing in Commercial and Oil and Gas applications

Power Gates
Offering Cloud Video Storage and Virtual Guard Services

(Authorized Iveda Solutions Integrator)  

Cloud Video Storage eliminates components and software and offers off site tamper proof storage. Read more


Guard Survelliance Service

 Safe and Secure Video


Cost Reduction

Safety Augmentation

Theft Diversion

Investor Relations


Increased productivity and cost reduction are achieved through permitting remote supervision by management thus giving opportunity to immediate problem solving and accurate replacement part identification.

Safety monitoring has become an indicator of performance.  Companies are presently need to monitor safety performance more than ever.  


Video Surveillance of the job site greatly reduces the temptation of crime. Eliminating vandalism and theft leads to less down time and replacement costs.

live internet video feed of the jobsite allows guests to view progress and promotes an attitude of openness.

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Safe and Secure offers:

  • Remote (oil field) area surveillance utilizing cell or satellite signal
  • Fully functional self contained PTZ cameras (solar powered option)
  • Drilling rig cameras with monitors in trailer offices
  • Monkey board and rig floor viewing
  • Work over rig and location monitoring
  • Virtual guard services (manned watch)
  • Construction site and equipment monitoring
  • All services and equipment are available for short term and lease
  • Many more services click here for more info